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Welcome to Orbit international’s brand new website launched in conjunction with our recently published "Designed to work brochure" a comprehensive collection of clothing designed for all manner of working situations and environment’s, all in one simple to use and informative guide, created to make your choices even easier.

From a range of classic but simple corporate wear to high specification and market leading Arc protection clothing. Orbit are confident that wherever your customers need to look smart or be protected our range gives the flexibility and practical choices to satisfy.

Orbit international are a long-established design and manufacturer of work wear, waterproof outerwear and personal protective equipment, working alongside both the market’s ever changing and increasingly demanding needs, and with market leading textile partners.

With now almost 50 years of experience our reputation and innovation remains at the very forefront, working towards ever greater comfort, fit and practicality Orbit pride themselves on their performance and understanding. Working harder than ever to satisfy the demands of service while managing the safety and durability of everyday working conditions.

"Orbit International a partner of choice!"

Orbit International plc is a family owned manufacturing and distribution company founded in 1971, which specialises in the manufacture of Waterproof, Uniform, leisure and PPE clothing. Orbit were one of the very first UK companies to establish manufacturing links in China and went on to build its own factory in Shandong Province which still manufactures today. Over recent years it has gone on to own facilities in Tunisia and more recently Sri Lanka where there has been significant investment and improvements made over the last year culminating in a factory not only fully compliant but also fit for the future in every way.

"Orbit's route to market is clearly defined, we only sell to distributors, never end users"

Orbit customers have benefited greatly with our strict policy of only "selling to distributors" while we're happy to help you sell the benefits of our products to your customers by offering as required the support of our regionally based sales managers, Orbit will never supply your customer or end user directly, something that's certainly happening elsewhere in the market. Our partners remain as they always have been valued!

Why use Orbit International?

  • Almost 50 years of manufacturing expertise.
  • Approved and certified products.
  • The flexibility and capability to provide bespoke uniforms!
  • Sold 100% through our partners in distribution.
  • Regionally based support.

New Website

We would also like to introduce our brand new website, we appreciate it's been a while in its creation but we're sure you will find it a valuable asset, making your access to information, stock, ordering and various other key features as simple as we possibly can. All our partners can request there exclusive log in, this enables us to restrict sensitive information like prices and stock levels exclusively to our partners, while still allowing the end user access to the range and with no facility to order directly, you can be secure in the knowledge that to buy any Orbit market leading products it has to come through you our partners!

Our regional managers will be in touch to demonstrate the site and its capability and also to apply for your exclusive login, if you can't wait please take a look or contact the office and we will be happy to help you.

At Orbit International we have always been proud of our strong reputation in the marketplace for quality and assurance. Our aim has always been to provide ethically-sourced and trusted products. Yet, like many businesses we also recognise the growing need to demonstrate a robust, co-ordinated and well-documented approach to managing our broad social, environmental and ethical impacts.

The workwear market is a truly global operation and we know that our biggest opportunities to make a positive impact lay within the wider supply chain:

  • To promote the highest ethical practices within our manufacturing partners
  • To utilise lifecycle thinking to design better, longer-lasting and environmentally-beneficial products

These two areas are the focus for our ongoing Responsible Business Programme.

Supply Chain Partnership

As a responsible business, we choose to work with organisations who share our values and are committed to ethical business practice. We believe in an open and transparent approach across the supply chain and seek to provide our customers with up-to-date and accurate data about our performance and that of our suppliers.

A key part of this is to ensure we can demonstrate ongoing compliance with both the Modern Slavery Act and global standards such as the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code. To this end, we have a rigorous 5 stage process to ensure the ethical and environmental performance of our suppliers. Where concerns are identified, either during our own visits or independent SEDEX audits, we will actively work with our suppliers to address these issues and support ongoing improvement.

A ‘circular’ approach

We wholeheartedly believe that a more ‘circular’ approach to workwear design can deliver ongoing benefits to manufacturers, customers, end-users and the wider environment. Choosing trusted designs and long-lasting materials alongside efficient manufacturing processes and practical in-use care instructions can significantly extend the life of your workwear, thereby cutting cost and minimising waste. In fact, WRAP estimate that extending a garment’s use by just 3 months will reduce its overall carbon & water impact by as much as 10%.*


By choosing Orbit International as your workwear partner you can be confident that you are working with a supplier who is committed to helping you find the high-quality, assured products you need.

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